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Blue In Zentai Featuring: Vanessa Blue Added 03/19/2014
Watch me dance and move around in my sexy Zentai outfit!
  1 minutes, 26 seconds  of video
The VBBC Dark Side Featuring: Vanessa Blue Added 11/04/2013
Do you enjoy exploring your dark side with me? Then you will enjoy these cool and dark photos and try not to stare at my special parts!
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VacBed Test Dummy & Domme pt2 Featuring: The Masked Madame Added 05/02/2014
Mistress enjoys testing new equipment on her unworthy slaveboy. She preps him as he lays perfectly still and as the vacuum sucks away all of his air he trembles with the fear of what evil goodies may come his way. The Mistress plays with her worm and if he's lucky she'll give him something better than a breath of fresh air! Watch as she teases and taunts the sub will he lose control and release his jizz all over the vac bed?
  10 minutes, 50 seconds  of video
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Bitch Pole Peep Hole pt1 Featuring: Vanessa Blue Added 04/18/2014
You're such a dirty peeper that I have to punish you with your own curiosity! Don't cum too soon from my dirty talk and my special tool- The bitch Stick. You can watch me dance, tease and drool but expect me to drown you in a pool of Girly Juice!
  4 minutes, 44 seconds  of video
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VB Vintage Tease Featuring: Vanessa Blue Added 10/28/2013
Like to watch me tease you? Enjoy this new but vintage 8mm tease as you please yourself!
  3 minutes, 42 seconds  of video
Blue's Big Body Smother Tease Featuring: Vanessa Blue Added 03/30/2014
Watch me tease you and dream that I'll please you!
  4 minutes, 47 seconds  of video
Custom Video: VB Leopard Lust Featuring: Vanessa Blue Added 08/01/2014
Enjoy these images from a very HOT custom video I created recently. This one is quite special and if you'd like a special VB moment of your own be sure to contact me for more info!
240 Photos
Big Wet Boobs of Blue Featuring: Vanessa Blue Added 11/29/2014
You know I work harder than most to create the finest visions of lustful grandeur that your eyes will ever see. Watching me, being controlled and forced to explode by me are all gifts that you have earned by simply owning my clips. And I will always provide the slippery, wet dream that you didn't know was possible until now. Listen closely as I suggest ways to fuck a Goddess like me if you were ever blessed with the opportunity. Watch from your favorite floor seat as my massive tits mesmerize you and tempt your balls to tighten up and prepare for the impending volcanic-sized explosion. Do you love it when my mouth is dripping with Goddess drool? Well this one's just for you!
  13 minutes, 57 seconds  of video
Fetish Fun Photos-September Featuring: The Masked Madame ,  Vanessa Blue Added 09/21/2013
Here's a few fun photos from yours truly when I was training at The Sanctuary LAX dungeon. It was a great experience and if you're ever visiting the LA area I highly recommend stopping by for a little fetish and fun!
123 Photos
Custom Video Photos - October Featuring: Vanessa Blue Added 10/22/2013
Like to watch me puff on a long stick as I relax and show off my big tits? Then you will love these pics and the video cummin soon!
20 Photos

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